If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you’ve probably encountered the term Universal Estate Agent. In many cases, this refers to a real estate agent who has been given permission by both parties in the sale process to negotiate their contracts on behalf of both sides. In other cases, however, it means an agent who works with multiple companies or offices and can therefore represent your interests anywhere in the country.

A name for a person who sells a property

A universal estate agent is a realtor. A realtor is a person who sells property for other people, usually for commission. If you are buying or selling your home and you want to hire someone to help with the process, then that person would be called your “universal estate agent.”

A realtor is also sometimes referred to as a “property agent” because they specialize in helping clients buy and sell homes all over the world.

Universal Estate Agents are also called realtors

In the United States and Canada, a realtor is a term used to refer to an estate agent who represents both buyers and sellers of property. The term “realtor” is not used in the UK or Australia as these countries use different terms for their property agents.

In America and Canada, you may have seen advertisements that say something like this: “We are looking for a realtor for our house sale.” This means that the person advertising wants someone who can help them sell their house quickly at a good price so they will make money from it (the profit).

Real Estate Agent Works with buyers and sellers of property

Estate Agent

A universal estate agent works with both buyers and sellers of property. This type of realtor can be found working in offices or at show homes, but they also have the ability to represent both parties in the home buying or sale process. Universal Estate Agents are also called realtors, which comes from the word “realty” meaning real property.

Estate Agent can be found working in offices or at show homes

You can find an agent anywhere. They can be found working in offices or at show homes, but they are also out and about talking to people on the street and answering questions about their business. If you’re interested in learning more about Universal Estate Agents then it’s important to know what they do, where they work, and how much they get paid.

Legally represent both parties in the home buying or sale process

Real estate agents are licensed to sell real estate, but they are not lawyers. They can help you find a house to buy or sell, but they cannot give legal advice. If your realtor tells you what to do in terms of the law, get another one!

Realtors have access to information about homes that might not be publicly available through websites like Zillow or Trulia. This includes home sales history (who owned it before), recent sales figures (what was paid), taxes owed and owed by others on neighboring properties, etc.

You can find an estate agent anywhere

You can find agents anywhere. There are offices where you can go in person to meet an agent, and there are also show homes where agents will be available for you to speak with. Additionally, many real estate websites have instant messaging systems where you can chat with a real estate agent online!


While there are many types of agents, the universal estate agent is the most common. You can find them anywhere and they will work with both buyers and sellers. They can be found in offices or show homes, but their main job is to help people find their dream home or sell their current property quickly.